A little more about me…

Since this is only my second blog here at WordPress, I thought I would say a little more about myself.

I am a nerd. A big one. I read fantasy novels religiously and I’m running out of room for all my books. I play Xbox 360 far too much. I also spend far too much money purchasing games – that being said, I’m going to purchase the Dragon Age expansion when it comes out later this month. Recently I picked up several online MMORPGs. I have Grand Fantasia, Mabinogi, and Free Realms on my computer and I just recently deleted Jade Dynasty, Wizards 101, and Runes of Magic (Yes. 6. When I do things I do them big.)

Hm… What else? Oh! Nevermind. I won’t say that here.

I guess I should talk a little about writing since I’ve already established that I am a writer. Right now I’m in a little bind. I’m stuck in the idea generation phase of writing a novel. Folders are stacked up all over my room with maps, sketches, relationship charts, symbols, and bulleted lists of ideas, but they aren’t going anywhere. I’ve found myself bored with each of my ideas. I have two new ideas that I think are interesting and would make for good novel-material, but I don’t know where to start. It will come to me. I recently purchased Naming the World, a book of writing exercises that I had hoped would get me started on this book. While the book is very interesting and filled with exercises and ideas, it’s more for a beginning writer or someone with no ideas at all.

Oh! Enough seriousness! I thought of something! This summer is going to be filled with vacations. Right now it looks like I’ll be in Disney for awhile and then in Wilmington, NC. Warm weather, sandy beaches, amusement parks, and lots of fun. Can’t wait.


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