New Book Purchases

I went to the local bookstore today, Books Unlimited, to see about a part-time job for the summer. While I was there I decided to spend some money and purchase some books—what a surprise. I found S.L. Farrell’s A Magic of Nightfall lying on the ground next to the fantasy shelf and picked it up. I read A Magic of Twilight almost a year ago and I found it a light, refreshing, yet politically charged read. I enjoyed it. Not only does this sequel promise to be a good little read; I love the cover.

I couldn’t stop with just one.  I like reading Steven Erikson every once and awhile. Most of his books are very large and compared to most books, very cheap. Toll the Hounds is around 1200 pages and was only 10 bucks. Per page, his books are some of the cheapest you can buy. I saw Reaper’s Gale lying on a shelf above A Magic of Nightfall and decided, “Hey, while I’m here I might as well buy two books. It will save me a trip when I finish this one.” I bought both books and left the bookstore immediately to begin reading. Life, as always, manages to get in the way and I had far too many things to do when I got home. I have to yet to start either of them.

I have an addiction…. To books…. Acceptance is the first step.


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