Eureka! I’ve done it! While riding home from the movies the other night I was hit by a grand idea and, though it was near one a.m. when I finally sat down, I started writing. Unlike Archimedes I did not run screaming through the streets naked. I did consider it though. Personally, I believe this is my best idea yet. Ask me about it! You know you want to!

Check out Randy Ingermanson’s latest e-zine. I’m in it. It’s true, I am! Several weeks ago I emailed Randy asking about StoryWorld, his name for a book’s world and worldbuilding as a process. He emailed me back and suggested several books and said that he would try his best to address the subject in his e-zine sometime in the following months. Well, the e-zine came out last week and guess what? The second section of the e-zine begins with:

“Recently, one of my loyal e-zine readers asked me to write more about creating Storyworld. (Storyworld is my
term for the universe in which a novel takes place.)

I’m in a famous e-zine. I feel complete. If I never publish any work of my own at least I can tell my grandchildren, “Well kids, Randy Ingermanson, a famous author and writing guru, mentioned me once in his monthly online magazine.”


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