An Update

This week has been fairly uneventful. Even so, I feel like I owe my loyal blog readers a blog—all five of you should feel very blessed.

School is really hitting that midterm low-point. The semester is slowly drawing to a close and all the Lit. professors assume this is the moment when papers should come due or at least be assigned. I disagree. But as a student my opinion doesn’t matter. Malcom X may be interesting but not that interesting. And “Rip Van Winkle,” while an American classic (actually it isn’t but that’s another topic), can’t hold my interest long  enough at this point in the year for me to complete a ten page paper about symbolism and the transposition of European and American Cultures.

I’m finding it hard to get everything done. The tasks I find least important are the ones I’m required to finish and the chores and activities I want to complete—my writing and house work—are being pushed aside.

This is my update guys. Hope it satiates you all.


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