Still Brainstorming!

Still Brainstorming! This will be another short update.

I have a headache. I have had a headache all week. It comes from far too many essays and research papers and too many ideas. On the other hand! It’s writing practice regardless.

I’m in the brainstorming phase for my story. I’ve put away the pen for a while and I’m planning things out. I’ve decided that I’m not a seat-of-your-pants writer, I like to plan things out. According to Writing Fiction for Dummies I’m something between a Snowflaker and an Outliner. Outliners are obsessive and know every detail of their piece before they begin, Snowflakers like to know the big picture and the overall structure of the piece before they begin, then they write in the details. I’m still deciding on the big picture.

I have a theme though!!! Themes are nice. I never pictured my fiction really having themes but. . . Hey! It never hurts to be philosophical! Right now it looks like the theme is something along the lines of: “Any means necessary.” Or: “Sacrifices are often necessary to achieve your goals.” What sacrifice you ask? Well. . . Your humanity. Your morals. Your conscience. Fun, right?


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