Give-A-Book and Feel Appreciated

In my last post I mentioned the First Annual Give-A-Book and Feel Appreciated Event. In this post I want to include a little more information about the event as well as a list of books that I would love to see.

I know you’re wondering, “Why should I buy a book for TJ?” There is a very good reason. Authors learn more about their craft from reading; authors are also avid readers.  On average, I read a five-hundred page novel per week. That gets a little expensive, especially for an unpublished fantasy writer–who also happens to be a college student. By buying a book and donating it to the Give-A-Book and Feel Appreciated Event you are helping to teach a budding young author new skills. And here’s what I’ll do. . . Each person that donates a book will get their name in my first book, either as a character or in the acknowledgments section of the book, you know the  “for Bob who read it first” or “to my parents.” Except it will be your name. That’s pretty good, right? You can either be a character or thanked in the front of the book! (If you are a character, you will not be the protagonist. I also can’t guarantee that you will be a good person.)

So here we go. Here’s the first few books I would like:

Jasper Fforde’s “Shades of Grey”

This book is supposed to be wonderful. I’ve read many reviews and most love it. Pat Rothfuss suggested it. Read the description. Shades of Grey has one of the neatest, most innovative worlds ever created–in my opinion.

Peter Brett’s “The Warded Man”

This is actually Peter Brett’s debut novel. It’s been reviewed by quite a few people and it’s doing pretty well. For all you Franklinians, Books Unlimited has a copy of The Warded Man.




5 thoughts on “Give-A-Book and Feel Appreciated

  1. I had two more books in the list, but for some reason neither the pictures nor the comments made it through the posting. Rather than add them to the next post, I’ll mention them here.

    Stepen Deas’ “The Adamantine Palace.”

    Greg Keyes’ “The Infernal City.”

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