Phoenix, and Titans, and Malazan, OH MY!

In my last post I said I would post several other books for the Give-A-Book and Feel Appreciated Event. (Yes, it is still an event. No one had any better ideas.) Here are the other books! Oh, feel free to purchase any well-received fantasy novel. I would love anything by George Martin or Glen Cook or any other big names. I would even love anything by little names and unknowns. And remember, give a book and you get your name in mine.

The Phoenix Unchained

I’ve read Lackey and Mallory’s first joint series, The Obsidian Trilogy. It was really good. The three competing magical systems were original and added an old-school flair to a new world.

Percy Jackson and The Titan's Curse

Yes, I know. These are youth novels. So what? They’re really good! I have the first two and they are amazing. The others have yet to find their way to my shelfs. . .

Erickson's Dust of Dreams

Every once and a while, I love some Erikson. His books are almost always around one thousand pages and each novel is incredibly complicated. Great stuff. Dust of Dreams is probably the ninth or tenth novel in Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series.


One thought on “Phoenix, and Titans, and Malazan, OH MY!

  1. For anyone actually reading these, I just want to let you know something. While I would love to get free books from people, this is just something I’m doing for fun. There is no real event. At least not yet. I just want to post a bunch of books online–at the very least I may get them from family as a present of some sort.

    This being said, if you want to honor the rules of the “Event” and buy me a book, I will put your name somewhere in my book.

    Even if you don’t want to buy me a book, make some witty comments so other people think you are interested.

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