Do My Ears Deceive Me?

Do my ears deceive me, or is everyone talking about the end of summer vacation? Vacation? Ending? Why didn’t I get one of those?

This summer has been tiring, yet unproductive, busy, yet un-fulfilling. I think I have more free time during school than I did this summer; between work and freelance mowing jobs, I had almost no time to spend with friends or Abigail, or to work on my drafts.

Even though this semester will be busy, I’ve made the decision that every week–be it in one day or several–I will write for two hours. Once two hours seems easy, three. Then the hours will climb progressively higher and finally, WOW!, a finished draft!  Since the post has shifted from summer to drafts, I’ll provide a few updates: I’ve narrowed down the major and minor characters, mapped out the plot for the series, decided that the series will be four books, and named the series, The Empyreal Keys. Along with those decisions, I’ve also written the first few chapters well enough to be fairly pleased with how they’ve turned out.

In other news, this blog has continued to have two-three views per day even though there hasn’t been a post in. . . weeks. Jumping Giraffes, Batman!! We’ve a fan base!

In yet other news, the Give-A-Book and Feel Appreciated event didn’t go over so well. I didn’t receive so much as one book. There’s always Christmas! Maybe. . . Just maybe. . . The first draft will be finished by then and everyone who gives  a book can read it! And quite possibly edit it if they feel so inclined.


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