Exciting Stuff!

Earlier, as I sat browsing through ThinkGeek’s eclectic offerings for Christmas presents, I realized that I hadn’t posted a blog in over a week. I’ve been putting it off because I claimed that my next post would be about Worldbuilders, a fundraiser headed by author Pat Rothfuss. Well, Mr. Rothfuss is busy and hasn’t had time to write anything new about Worldbuilders or establish any particulars for this years fundraiser, so I’ll just link to a post he made a few weeks ago. Once he writes a little more about Worldbuilders, I’ll post about it here for all of you.

For some reason, my failure to post prompted a moment of introspection. Why was I waiting on Pat when I could write something about Worldbuilders? I mean, sure, I’m not involved in the fundraiser; I don’t help organize it, collect donations, or give away cool prizes; I don’t even know the people involved. That’s a logical reason to wait, right? Really, though, I didn’t post a blog because I was being lazy.

I was guilty of one of the greatest sins (at least, in the minds of a teacher).

Now and again, I suffer from crippling bouts of apathy. Why write a post? Someone else can write a better post, and I can spend my oh-so-precious time writing some lesson plans or reading or book or something equally uninteresting and nonthreatening. Having been around high school students for some time, I’ve become very familiar with underachievers. It is,   in many cases, due to a lack of confidence.

No more! I will become a blogging fiend! Get ready to see engaging, enlightening, and just plain exciting stuff here at “Writing, Life, and an Itch to Explore!” Starting tomorrow. . .


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