90s, oh 90s! Please, come back!

I’ve been striving with WordPress or Google Chrome lately and have had issues logging in to my WordPress Blog account, but, finally, I have returned! Have no fear blogging world, I’m back!

Alright, now that the roaring masses have died down, and the applause is dwindling to just a single set of hands (somewhere in the back row near where that strange guy is smiling at me oddly), I’ll begin.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to grow old. While I am not an old person by any stretch, I am beginning to feel like I’m out of touch with all that’s hip and cool. (I think my use of “hip” just proved it.) I first noticed it this semester when I would use phrases or quotes from TV shows and movies that I thought were still current. My students, with that dazed look so common in high schoolers, would stare and respond with, “uh, Mr. Shepherd, what are you talking about?” What kid doesn’t know “Pinky and the Brain?!” How can these teenage boys not have based all they know about girls off Topanga and Corey and the whole “Boy Meets World” gang?!

I was driving to see a friend last weekend, and I decided to tune in to a local country station. I immediately recognized the song playing and started singing along, the following song was a favorite of mine too. “Wow, they’re playing some really good stuff today,” I thought to myself. I sang a few more songs, and the radio host broke my heart: “Thanks for tuning in to Country Classics! Remember to tune in next Sunday for more classic country gold!” Am I really getting older? Where did the 90s go?

I haven’t followed many teams or sports in years; I simply don’t have the time (or the desire, really). I am always reading, writing, studying, grading, etc. and televised sporting events just don’t get my blood and testosterone flowing anymore. Imagine my surprise when I turned on the television and found out that Michael Jordan wasn’t playing basketball any longer and that Ken Griffey Jr. was no longer a baseball superstar.

There have been many other instances where I’ve shown my age (and have been laughed at by my students), but these examples should serve as a witness. It’s probably a good thing that I’ve started my 30 Before 30 List. Also, I’ve found a grey hair(s).


4 thoughts on “90s, oh 90s! Please, come back!

  1. Good lord son, packing on the years, stay hip brah. By the way, I know of and love all of the above mentioned shows.

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