#TooManyTweets: Going Overboard

Whew, I’m getting a head rush. It’s been a while since I’ve been an active participant in the online world (I’ve been purely a passive consumer for the past year), and returning is a lot like drinking wine after a long dry spell: it’s heady, thrilling, and almost impossible to stop before you say something stupid.

twitter-cartoon-2I’ve been overwhelming my social accounts with retweets, commentary, shared videos, and plugs for blogs. Most likely, a few of these postings–or all of them–were unnecessary, but… Fuck it. It’s my Twitter and I’ll tweet if I want to.

Not only did this weekend mark my sudden reappearance on the interwebs, it also served as a nice reminder that while I often act like a codger and a tosser, I’m still young and more than capable of going out and living it up.

Unfortunately, like with my Twitter account, I may have gone a bit too far… Nah, nevermind.

In other news, it’s been determined that I am the love child of Wil Wheaton and fictional characters Ted Mosby and Ross Geller. I got my looks from Daddy Wheaton and my oddities and luck with women from my other fathers, Mosby and Geller. And, I received several messages this morning congratulating me on my opportunity for a fun evening last night with Felicia Day and others at Seth Green’s party. Sadly, ’twas not me but Wheaton. Damn you, Wheaton.

Nope, it's not me.

Nope, it’s not me.


2 thoughts on “#TooManyTweets: Going Overboard

  1. So true – my Twitter account is full of retweets of ‘Food Porn’ and Buzzfeed articles but there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs dressed as human’s so our penchant for over-tweeting is probably fine!

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