Challenge Accepted

As a teacher, it didn’t take me very long to grow sick and tired of accountability. The US, and NC in particular, have made “Stuff it, Teacher–Get Back to Paperwork” their creed in recent years. Hounded by paperwork, observations, guidelines, rigorous assessment of student ability and teacher adherence to prescribed paths, teachers are leaving the field in droves, choosing instead to work where they are valued as individuals and as thinkers, not as assembly line workers in a “21st Century Learner” child manufacturing plant.

Anyway, rant aside, though knee deep in accountability elsewhere, I decided that blogging like I wished just would not be possible without someone or something looking over my shoulder. Thankfully, WordPress now offers scheduled reminders. And… I’ve returned to the Blogosphere in time to prepare for the 2014 Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Not only will the challenge require me to post a blog a day for 26 days, I’ll be expected to write a themed blog–hence the “A to Z”–each time.

One of the goals of the challenge is to connect with other bloggers and create a friendly, linked community. After being gone from WordPress for so long, a lot of my blogger friends have gone on to bigger and better things, or like me, have disappeared. Currently, there are over 600 bloggers signed up for the challenge, and I hope to get to know a good number of them before we’re through.

Here’s to writing, and for you, reader, here’s to reading!


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