Be Handy

On Being a Modern Gentleman:

Guideline 8: Be Handy

The modern gentleman is not a dandy; he or she is a person who is willing and able to get dirty. In order to do that, learn staple skills.

People spend exorbitant amounts on simple tasks because they lack the necessary skills. If your car doesn’t start, what do you do? If your sink drains slowly or not at all, then what? If, in a fit a rage, you Hulk-smash a hole in the drywall, how do you fix it? Most would answer, “Call someone.” Don’t. Do it yourself.

Being handy around the house or workplace will save money, improve confidence, and it may lead to a side hustle or hobby, though the biggest gain will be in your attractiveness to others. Right? Right? Maybe not.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, the following are staple skills all modern gentlemen should carry in their toolbelt.

Be Able To. . .

1. Jumpstart a car.
2. Repair a hole in drywall.
3. Fix a leaky faucet.
4. Replace a sink trap.
5. Pour beer correctly.
6. Winterize your home (multiple skills).
7. Mow your lawn. (This seems like a joke, but I know many who can’t.)
8. Cook at least three complete meals.
9. Sew a button to clothing.
10. Repair simple tears in clothing.
11. Change a flat tire.
12. Iron clothing well.
13. Dress a wound in emergencies.
14. Wire simple fixtures, like a ceiling fan.
15. Paint a room.
16. Fix a buggy computer.


3 thoughts on “Be Handy

  1. I agree that we need to know how to do certain things ourselves, but there is no shame in calling someone or asking someone to fix something you do not want to deal with. Some people do not want to drive, so they opt to ride a bicycle. Some people prefer to spend their time gardening and cooking, and would rather have someone else fix the plumping. I think this is where bartering can come in where rather than spending tons of money hiring someone, people can trade services with each other.

    • Bartering is an excellent idea, and one I didn’t really consider! I still believe that simple tasks should be attended to by the individual owner, but I agree, it isn’t shameful to have someone else deal with certain tasks. I think that attending to basic tasks teaches a skill and teaches self-sufficiency.

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