I started “Writing, Life, and an Itch to Explore” in November of 2009 after reading several blogs by both published and up-and-coming authors. Blogs have proven themselves to be a great vehicle for reaching out and garnering acclaim and fans. Recently, a number of bloggers have found themselves published because of the work they’ve been doing on WordPress and similar platforms. I probably won’t be published for this, but it’s still a worthwhile experience, and I can use the practice.

“Writing, Life, and an Itch to Explore” is a community for book lovers, cynics, writers, and–as the title suggests–those with an itch to explore. The posts on this blog might cover anything: book reviews, samples from my latest chapter or work, humorous tales, etc. If I can commit, I may run themed blog series, similar to the failed “Tweeded Ten” of 2012. And, like life, this blog will continue to evolve and may end up an entirely new, strange creature–in other words, don’t expect any sort of continuity.

I hope that you continue to return to “Writing, Life, and an Itch to Explore.” I welcome and encourage comments! Feel free to start a discussion, to give suggestions or ideas, or to just say hi. If you are a new writer, comment on a post or send me an email through my “Contact” page; I’ll respond as quickly as possible! If anyone would like to be guest blogger, let me know.

For more information about me, basic information such as age and school experience, see my “Basics & Life Story” page. For contact information, refer to my “Contact” page. If you’ve found this blog because you’re one of my students, you’re on the wrong site–check the links on the side. I think that’s all, I hope you enjoy “Writing, Life, and an Itch to Explore!”


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