I’ve just gotten back from a week-long food extravaganza, and I’m feeling particularly, well, fattened. My sister’s wedding was last weekend in Charleston, SC, and I spent the following week engaging in various food related stunts. How many oysters can I eat? Are these killer shrimp really that spicy? Does eating a dinner for two plus two desserts make me a bad person? Unfortunately, it isn’t winter and I’m not a bear, so I can’t claim that I’m about to go into hibernation. (Although, a few days of sleep would be grand.)

These last few weeks have gotten away from me, what with the wedding and then EOGs just before. I plan to spend the next few weeks transitioning to summer mode, wherein I read every day and do nothing but sit on the porch for hours. It’s a hard life, but I think I can manage.

With nothing pressing in the near future, I’ll try to get back to posting a few times each week. I intend to exercise these fingers and get to working on some of these writing projects–maybe there will be some updates soon.

Good reading, folks!