The 30 Before 30 List

College has come and gone, and I’m staring down a long tunnel at the next big mile marker in my life–turning thirty. To that end, I’m taking a line from Jim over at, and am creating a “30 Before 30 List.” This list comprises 30 activities that I intend to accomplish before reaching that oh-so-golden age.

As my loyal readers, it is your job, nay, your duty to make sure that I continue to work on these activities! You will be my accountability system. So, here goes.

  1. Do the Polar Bear Plunge or Santa Swim (at Scheveningen or Vancouver)
  2. Get into the shape I want to be in
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Publish a novel
  5. Publish a complete series (fantasy or children’s lit.)
  6. Go on an Adventure
  7. Go on an African Safari
  8. Travel to Japan (during cherry blossom season and during winter)
  9. Stay at a Japanese Hot Spring Resort
  10. Visit Vancouver, Canada
  11. Build and stock my personal library
  12. Brew my own beer (or mead)
  13. Have an MFA in Creative Writing (or Commercial Fiction)
  14. Learn to play the violin
  15. Participate in and complete NaNoWriMo
  16. Backpack through Alaska
  17. Keep up with the blog (one post a week)
  18. Go to a book signing for one of my favorite authors
  19. Perfect my signature TJ dish
  20. Learn to salsa or tango
  21. Become fluent in a foreign language
  22. Get better at saving money
  23. Invest in something (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds)
  24. Learn to sail
  25. Get my scuba diving license

Edit: In case you hadn’t noticed, there are only 25 items on this list. Help me come up with five more!


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